Looking for your voice? Write.

This is me on a 7-day canoeing trip through Sweden with a dear friend of mine. It has nothing to do with the Article.

Today I read an article that got me thinking. It was about mastering the skill of learning and using that skill to quickly adopt new skills. The author (a programmer) mentioned he did not see himself become a writer. The sames goes for me.

I do see the value in being a good writer though. Simply because writing is one of our most powerful method of communication and it is valuable both in life and in business. But not only that!

Writing helps you define your voice. It helps you get clarity on who you are and who you want to become.

I struggle with the above, big time. As a person I am indecisive and insecure. There is one thing I am certain of though: I want to be self-employed for a couple of years and after that start a company. My gut tells me that “finding my voice” is going to have a massive impact on that journey. So here we are: my first Medium article. I am writing!

The purpose of this article is accountability. I aim to write at least one article a week. Subjects will vary from music, to entrepreneurship, to personal growth, to software development and everything in between.

If you like this idea, please tag along. I would love to know if my story resonates with you. Let’s start conversation or let me know what you would like to see me write about.

The future is what you make it.




Webdeveloper, musician and entrepreneur🚀

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Daaf Bleumink

Daaf Bleumink

Webdeveloper, musician and entrepreneur🚀

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