Improve your Google position easily with these 10 tips

I have no idea how Google works, teach me

  1. With automated scripts called crawlers Google explores the web. It tries finding as many pages as possible and follows links on those pages to other pages. And so on.
  2. The found pages are analyzed to figure out what they’re about. Google looks at text, images and video’s to do this.
  3. Finally all of the above is served to the naive Google visitor who just wants to know today’s weather.
Google made a video that provides great insight in 3 minutes 👆

Keyphrase density

Keyphrase in metadata

Keyphrase in headings

At least two images with keyphrase in alt attribute

Collect those backlinks

The SEO matrix




Webdeveloper, musician and entrepreneur🚀

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Daaf Bleumink

Daaf Bleumink

Webdeveloper, musician and entrepreneur🚀

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